The Choke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness is a brilliant invention. Our Choke Free shoulder dog collars are one of the most functional yet stunning, beautifully made shoulder dog collars that you will ever own. With its unique choke free and no pull design, this shoulder dog collar does not put pressure on your dog's trachea. You can now enjoy walking your beloved dog knowing that you will never have to hear that awful choking and gagging noises and watch your adorable dog strut their stuff in style and comfort and show their personality. You will fall in love with walking your beloved dog again. Our Choke Free Shoulder Dog Collar is stylish, Step-N-Wrap designed, easy to wear, a pet-friendly alternative to conventional neck collars and harnesses that are difficult to install. The choke free shoulder dog collars are for all types of dogs and come in either leather or velpro mesh and available with bling or widgets. The leather Choke-Free Shoulder Collar Harness is made of natural leather that will get softer over time and conform to your dog’s shape. The Velpro Mesh Choke Free Shoulder Collar Harness sits much lower than other traditional harnesses. And, it goes on and off in an instant with its Velcro D-ring closure. No more buckles nor clips to mess with. The superior mesh material is so durable, yet it is so soft your precious dog will hardly know it is wearing a shoulder collar. Make a fashion statement with any of our choke free shoulder dog collars and be the talk of the town.