You wouldn't leave the house without a warm coat if it was cold out, so why should your dog? Although your fur baby already has a gorgeous, natural fur coat, he or she may still need extra protection when going out in those chilly winter months. Dogs are just as vulnerable to the cold as humans are smaller dogs even more so. It is important that you equip them with the proper winter coat to prepare them for harsh climate changes. A coat supplements the dog’s natural fur coat with durable and insulating materials that will use the dog’s body heat to keep them warm. Winter dog coats are a wonderful way to keep your precious dog looking fantastic as well as warm during chilly weather outings. There are dog coats available that will be a cozy fit for any size dog and provide them with the protection and safety needed during a chilly evening at home or on your morning or late afternoon walks. There are many precious designs available that will cater to your own style and your adorable dog’s personality. But let's go to the fashion aspect. Dog coats are fashionably fresh and on the forefront of style. Even if you have another outfit planned for indoors, a dog winter coat looks fabulous with nearly anything you pick out and is the perfect final touch to any look.  We’ve got a full selection of coats for dogs to meet every size and breed to ensure they’re comfy, dry, and utterly fashionable! Come blizzard or snow, your precious dog will still have to go, and nothing will warm you up more than knowing that your pup’s dressed for protection!
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Born to Ride Motorcycle Dog Harness Jacket - Pink Burgundy Wool with Fur Collar Dog Harness Coat with Leash Wool Fur-Trimmed Dog Harness Coat - Pink
Pink Plaid Classic Dog Coat Harness with Matching Leash