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Slightly Used
ALL these products are marked down from their original price by 20%. That is why they are in the Bargain Dog Collars section. These products are brand new and never been used. The only reason that they are in a Bargain Section is because they were purchased and the original owners ordered the wrong size and needed to do an exchange for a different size. The few products that are in the Slightly Used section are products that I purchased for my fur babies and have very little use so are just like new but they have been "slightly used". Please read the descriptions closely as each description will tell you what size neck that particular product will fit. When it says that it will fit a dog with a neck size of 8" to 10" that means that the first hole for the smallest fit is at 8" and the last whole for the largest fit is at 10". There is no give and take from those sizes. Therefore, if your dog's neck size is 10-1/2" it would not work for your dog or if your dog's neck size is 7" it wouldn't work either.
If you have any questions, please call me at 866-790-8934.
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