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Fashion dog collars for the fashionable dog owner

Sailor Collar

Pet owners love to dress up their pets with accessories to show off their unique personalities. There are so many unique fashion dog collars on the market and you’re sure to find one from our huge selection that specifically fits your dog’s personality! Like every person, every pet is different, and since no two are exactly alike, we at feel that each pet deserves to have its own fashionable collar as well. This is why we’ve developed close relationships with our suppliers over the years to bring you the best selection of customized, personalized, and individual dog collars available.

Fashion dog collars aren’t just a fleeting trend—dogs are a part of the family, and dog owners want to show their precious pets off and have them look their best at all times. Throughout history, people have adorned their dog collars with jewels, pearls, lace, leather, feathers, precious metals, velvet, and other materials to highlight their dog’s unique features and show they are loved members of the family. Some dogs even had collars that bore the family crest to highlight that the dog was a full-fledged family member. Fashion dog collars have been around for ages and are definitely here to stay!

If you are having difficulty deciding which size to order keep in mind that dog collars are like the belts that we wear—it is always better to have the collar a little loose rather than fit too tightly. The charts are approximate measurements—very close, but approximate. If your dog's neck is very close to or right at the end of a neck size, you should order the next size up. For example:

To find the correct collar size, add 2 inches to the dog's exact neck size.
Please keep in mind these collars run small!
Size 10 will fit a dog with a 6" to 8" neck
Size 12 will fit a dog with a 8" to 10" neck

This rule does not apply to any of the custom made collars on this site.

Adjustable Car RestraintAdjustable Car Restraint
Clips into ANY seat belt! East to use and could possibly save your pet's life during a sudden stop or accident. This product may be the single most important purchase you ever make for your dog. Adjustable from 12-24", this car restraint can keep your pooch safe and sound when sudden stops or swerves occur. Keep your dog on the seat or allow for some movement. Prevents your dog from hitting the window in an accident or jumping into the front seat while you are driving! THIS IS A MUST HAVE!
No Bark CollarNo Bark Collar
This is the humane way to stop your dog from barking.  No shock!   Just a sound or vibration is what makes this collar work.  You can get this collar in two different sizes.   The small size is for a dog from 8 pounds to 25 pounds and the Large size is for a dog 25 pounds and over.   These collars come in the two sizes and have two different modes.  There are three different levels for correction.  Low, Medium, & High.  They come with a re-enforced collar strap. 

Every dog is unique, and every dog needs a unique collar

Every person is unique, and many choose a dog that fits their lifestyle, personality, and individuality. We at believe that carrying a wide variety of unique dog collars is one of the best ways for dog owners to show off their style and express their individuality. Whether you are looking for a pink dog collar, something in leather, vinyl, nylon, cotton or something a bit fancier, daintier, handsome or rugged, we have the widest selection available to ensure that you will find exactly what you’re looking for. Our dog collars are made from the highest quality materials and our suppliers are known as some of the best in the industry for fashion dog collars as well as:

  •      Customized and personalized collars, harnesses, and leashes
  •      Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship
  •      Sturdy and solid D-ring attachments to allow owners to be in compliance with local tag and leash laws
  •      Safety features that will keep your dog out of danger
  •      Comfortable adjustable collars that grow with your dog

We understand that you want the best for your dog and our suppliers are experts at bringing the very best to you. We work with our suppliers to ensure the satisfaction of every customer.

Best name in the business

Unique Dog Collars

We take pride in the fact that over the past few years we have cultivated working and personal relationships with suppliers to bring joy to dog owners around the world. Our founder, Ann, is from Oklahoma and has a true sense of Southern hospitality and courtesy. Ann has trained the entire staff to go above and beyond in taking care of customers in every way possible.

Ann herself is a dog owner and lover (how could she not be?) which helps drive our passion to make sure that both pets and owners are happy with our products. Because of this hands-on approach, is fast becoming one of the biggest and most respected names in the pet accessory business. Ann works one-on-one with suppliers to ensure that has the best selection of unique dog collars at the greatest prices. Ann founded the business on the principle that every customer should be treated the way she would want to be treated as a customer. Her commitment to customers and their dogs shows in the numerous testimonials on our site from satisfied customers. We invite you to share your experience, too!

More than just fashion dog collars

We know how important your dog is to you (because we’re dog lovers too!) and work our hardest to ensure that we don’t stop at merely having the best selection of products. We also work tirelessly to bring you these products at the best prices around. In addition to our great customer service and amazing customizable options we also offer:

  •      Price matching on select items
  •      A 20% discount on orders of 6 or more custom made rhinestone products with a 10% discount on orders of less than 6
  •      Negotiated shipping prices where possible (depending on the order)
  •      Shipping insurance on certain items (upon request)
  •      A bargain section with up to 20% off some of the best products
  •      A variety of leather collars, harnesses, and leashes on sale
  •      Unsurpassed customer assistance during your order placement

No matter what kind of collar you’re looking for, we know you want one that is as unique as you are, one you can be proud to show off to your friends and family. We want you to be able to tell people with confidence that our site is the best for unique dog collars whenever you receive compliments on your dog’s outstanding look. Here at we are so much more than just retailers of fashion dog collars – we want to be your friends in the pet accessory business.

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