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FourPawsDogCollars.com is proud to sell Doggie Design brand soft dog harnesses, and we feel confident that you will like them as much as we do! We believe that soft dog harnesses work much better for both dogs and handlers during walks—much more so than standard strap harnesses. Our soft dog harnesses are easy to put on and take off, and they don't ever choke dogs, giving handlers more control and more breathing room for your dog.  

Some of the most difficult breeds to fit with a dog harness are Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Chinese Crested, and all other similar breeds, which have large chests with narrow necks and waists. However, our soft dog harnesses are highly recommended for these breeds, even for individuals in these breeds that are amputees.  

Our soft dog harnesses resemble doggy T-shirts and coats, and they are the epitome of style and comfort. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to match any dog's coloring, size, and style.  These harnesses provide unparalleled comfort to both dog and owner alike. The next time you take your dog for a walk and it gets excited and starts pulling on the leash, trying to rush ahead, you won't have to worry for a second that the harness will choke your dog or dig into its skin. 

Doggy Design Revamps Its Soft Dog Harnesses

Doggie Design announced that it has begun to produce its dog harnesses and collars with a zigzag stitch on the trim binding, rather than a straight stitch, which the company believes will greatly improve the quality, appearance, and strength of the Ultra USA Choke Free Harness (Patent Pending). The zigzag technique allows more area to be sewn between the trim binding and the body fabric, producing a stronger bond and a better shape.

The return policy for our soft dog harness (see below), as well as the shipping rates, are dictated by the manufacturer on its terms. We can confidently recommend the Doggie Design harness for your dogs and attest to the manufacturer's quality and skill. We know how much you care for your pooch, and Four Paws is passionate about providing only the best products from the best manufacturers.

We Do Not Ship These Products Internationally -- There is a NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE for anything on this page unless defective.



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  • Return Policy: We CANNOT accept any returns on these items due to health codes.  PLEASE, BE SURE when you place an order you order the correct size!  The supplier only accepts returns if the product is defective
  • Defective Products:  Although each item is inspected before it leaves the warehouse, occasionally a defective product is reported.   If you receive a defective product it MUST be reported to my supplier within 14 days from the day it leaves their warehouse.  You must report a defective product to Four Paws in plenty of time for us to report the defect to the manufacturer.  Any report of a defective item after the 14 days will not be replaced.  If a defective product is reported within the said time period, a replacement will be sent to you at the supplier cost.  The damaged product must be returned to the supplier.
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