Beautiful CUSTOM MADE Rhinestone Collars

As seen in Isaac Mizrahi's NYC Fall Fashion Show.
          Our collars have also appeared in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and CSI: NY.
20% Discount 
with purchase of 6 items or more from the Custom Made Rhinestone & Haute Couture collars category.  Less than 6 items will receive a
10% Discount
on these products.  All items must be sent to 1 address only and NO DISCOUNT on SPECIAL ORDERS
Images of how to measure dog's necks for collars on this page and the Haute Couture collars only with instructions are as follows:

This measurement is around the neck with NO fingers under tape measure.  It is very snug, no extra room.  We will add extra for comfort.  This is the ONLY measurement we can use.  We CANNOT use a buckle to hole measurement or a measurement off of ANY collar.  We can use ONLY a snug neck size as shown in the photo.

For this collar, you would have given us an 8" ACTUAL SNUG NECK SIZE.

Below the images of collars is the return policy, shipping information, Velvet Color Chart, etc.,  for these CUSTOM MADE RHINESTONE COLLARS (only). 
Buckles and D-Rings may vary from what is shown in the images.
Sometimes we run out of what is shown in the images and have to substitute.
Any of the 3/8" & 5/8" collars can be made for a cat.  Just let us know you want it that way
& it will be made for a cat instead of a dog.

Link for Leash

Link for Leash

If you want a matching leash to any of the collars below we have three different ways of ordering the matching leashes.  Here is a link to all three.  The first link is to the fanciest matching leash that we have for these collars.  Here is the link for it:  If you want velvet to match the velvet on your collar please send an email to  and let me know.  
Here is a link for the matching leads without velvet on them:  
And, here is a link for the matching leashes with the matching velvet on them:  
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Sort By:
2" Wide Diamond Elegance
3 Row Leash with Crown
3/4" Black Velvet & Diamonds
5/8" Baby Blue Aurora
Add A Center D Ring
Add a Rhinestone Buckle
Amethyst Sparkler
Amethyst Sparklet
Angel in Emeralds
Angel in Pink w/Tag
Angel in Rubies
Aqua Aurora
Aqua Dot Bow Tie
Aqua Empress
Aqua Sparkler
Aqua Sparklet
Aqua Splendor
Aurora & Gold
Aurora Blue
Baby Blue Aurora
Baby Pink
Baby St. Paddy
Black & Hot Pink Dot Rose Velvet
Black Evening Attire
Blue Camo Sparkle
Blue Evening Attire
Blue Lagoon
Bordeaux Wine Velvet
Bow Tie & White Velvet
Bowtie Sparkle
Bubble Heart Tag
Butterfly Sparkle
Camo Green
Candy Cane Sparkle
Candy Heart
Chocolate & Aqua Velvet
Chocolate & Pink Velvet
Christmas Angel
Christmas Baby
Christmas Glow
Christmas Lights & Bells
Christmas Lights & Cheer
Christmas Magic
Christmas Tree Glitter
Citrine Glow
Citrine Pazazz
Collar Brush
Copa Cabana
Crown Charms Pendants
Crown in Diamonds
Crystal Bow Tie on Black
Crystal Royale
Cutie Pie
Diamond Brilliance
Diamond Radiance
Diamond Sparkle
Diamonds & Rubies "V"
Dusty Blue Velvet
Easter Charms
Emerald Aurora
Emeralds & Diamonds Velvet
Flower Sweetheart
Formal Bow Tie
Girly Pink
Gold & Onyx
Halloween 3/8"
Halloween 5/8"
Halloween Velvet
Heart Charm
Hearts A Sizzle
Hollywood Star in White
Hot Pink Sparklet
I Love You Babe
Joy to the World with Bow
Jungle Leopard
Kitty in Pastels
Lavender Angel
Lavender Lights
Lavender Multigem
Lil Baby Blue Velvet
Lil Bit 'O Velvet Sparkle
Lil Cupcake
Lil Irish
Lil Pink Ballerina
Lil Pink Bunny
Lil Pink Butterfly
Lil Pink Ladybug
Lil Red Velvet Valentine
Lil Sparkle Paws
Lilacs & Hearts
Little Baby Blue
Little Bones
Little Kisses
Little Valentine
Love Ya Pink
Luscious Ruby Lips
Matching Rhinestone Dog Leashes
Mauve Pink Sparklet
Merry in Blue
Movie Star Sparkle
Multigem Candy
Multigem Velvet
My Lil Baby Chi
My Little Pink Princess Collar
My Pink Poodle
My Valentine
Opal Aurora
Orange Sparkle Star
Pastel Glamour
Peacock Splendor
Peridot & Diamond Heart
Peridot & Pink
Peridot Ballerina
Peridot Sparkler
Pink & Emerald Diva
Pink & Aqua Pastel Velvet
Pink & Yellow Daisies
Pink Angel Heart
Pink Beauty
Pink Bone Bling
Pink Camoflage
Pink Daisies
Pink Dots & Hearts
Pink Duchess
Pink Evening Attire
Pink Jungle Leopard
Pink Kitty Locket
Powder Blue Velvet
Precious Pink Kitty
Pretty Pink Zebra
Princess in Peridot Velvet
Princess in Pink
Princess in Pink Hearts
Princess In Pink Velvet
Prissy Pink A/B in 3/8
Prissy Pink Aurora
Pure Elegance
Purple Angel
Purple Clouds
Purple Hollywood Stars
Raspberry Velvet Ice
Red Evening Attire
Red Sparkler
Red Velvet & Diamonds
Red Velvet & Diamonds 1-1/2"
Red Velvet Poinsettia
Rhinestone Bone Tag
Rhinestone Heart Tag 
Rockin' Multigem
Rose Pink & Diamonds
Rose Velvet
Royal Blue Velvet
Royal Rubies
Ruby & Diamond 2" V
Ruby & Diamond Dazzle
Ruby Kisses
Ruby Radiance
Sapphire Beauty
Sapphire Clouds
Silver Bells
Topaz Splendor
Topaz Stars
Topaz Sunrise
Aqua Opal & Aurora Borealis Necklace
Christmas Bells & Red Velvet
Diamonds & Spikes
Genuine Opal & Velvet
Genuine Pink Topaz & Pink Velvet~ Crystal Collar
Glamour & Spikes -- Diamond Rhinestone Dog Collar
Lil Christmas Heart & Red Velvet
Lil Jungle Princess
Lil Jungle Princess Leash
My Little Velvet Bow Tie
My Little Velvet Bow Tie Leash
Pink Opal & Aurora Borealis Necklace
Red Velvet & Diamonds 1-1/2"
Sapphire Diamond Velvet
Sapphire Sparkle
Sea Breeze
Shamrocks Galore
Silky Sapphire
Silver & Pearls
Silver Poinsettia
Silver Velvet Sparkle
Smokey Topaz Royale
Snow White Velvet
Snowflakes in Blue
Southwest Sparkle
Southwest Sweetheart in Coral 
Southwest Sweetheart in Turquoise
Spikes & Diamonds --Rhinestone Dog Collar
St. Patrick Sparkle
Summer Zebra
Sweet Stuff
Sweetheart in Black Velvet
Sweetheart in Black Velvet 3/8"
Sweetheart in Pink & Mauve
Sweetheart In Red
Sweetheart in Red Velvet
The Royal Kitty
Topaz & Chocolate Velvet
Topaz & Onyx Velvet
Topaz Bow Tie
Topaz Royale
Turkey Collar
Velvet & Diamonds 1-1/2"
Velvet 'N Gold
Velvet Angel with Bow
Velvet Aqua Clouds
Velvet Leopard Sparkle Bow
Velvet Leopard Sparkle Bow Leash
Velvet Rhinestone Dog Leashes
Velvet Sunshine
Velvet Vavoom
Warm Zebra Sparkle
White Diamonds
White Princess
White Sparkle Ballerina
Wild Thing
Yellow Jungle Leopard
Zippy Zebra

Sizes are gauged by ACTUAL neck size, NOT collar size. Please note:  Measure the neck size by snugly wrapping  a tape measure around the neck. Please DO NOT add extra room for comfort, we will do that.

                                        Sizes Are:
XS (5-1/2 to 7" neck)              S (7-1/2  to 9" neck)
M (9-1/2  to 11"neck)              ML (11-1/2 to 13"neck)
L (13-1/2 to 15")                     XL (15-1/2 to 17" neck)
1XL (17-1/2 to 19" neck)         2XL (19-1/2 to 21" neck)
3XL (21-1/2 to 23" neck)         4XL (23-1/2 to 25" neck)
5XL (25-1/2" to 27")                6XL (27-1/2" to 29")
7XL (29-1/2" to 31")                8XL (31-1/2" to 33")
33-1/2" & larger are special order.  Please email me for a quote.

Please note:  There is a 20% restocking fee on collars returned for size errors and the lady that makes these collars says:  "If a customer returns a collar for a defect but changes the neck size at that time, there will be a full charge to remake the collar."  If there is a defect and you send it back you will get another one in return that is the same style, size, color, everything.  Just without the defect.  Please keep in mind that a DEFECT means a DEFECT -- not just a figment of your imagination. The lady that makes these collars has an entire shelf full of returned collars from people who didn't measure their pet's neck before ordering or didn't look at the size chart.  Since these are custom made collars it is VERY IMPORTANT to get the correct size to begin with.  There is a size chart for these collars in the description of every collar available.  This ties up a huge amount of inventory.  If you don't have a cloth tape measure, look up above.  We have a printable tape measure for your convenience.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT ALSO THAT PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THESE ARE TRULY CUSTOM MADE COLLARS.  I DO NOT MAKE THEM.  I ORDER THEM FROM THE SUPPLIER WHO MAKES THEM AND IF THERE IS A DISPUTE BETWEEN WHAT THE CUSTOMER THINKS AND WANTS AND WHAT SHE SAYS I WILL HAVE TO GO WITH WHAT SHE SAYS.  THE CUSTOMER BUYS THE COLLAR FROM ME -- NOT HER -- AND SO THEREFORE, HAS TO DEAL WITH ME -- NOT HER.  I WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE INFORMATION ON HOW TO CONTACT HER.  IF I DIDN'T DO IT THIS WAY (and there was an exchange) IT WOULD COME OUT OF MY POCKET SO I WILL GO WITH WHAT SHE SAYS COMPLETELY & TOTALLY.  There are other web sites out there that sells her collars and their return/exchange policies  is just NO RETURN -- NO EXCHANGE. 

In this category we offer custom made jeweled dog collars and cat collars.  Top quality crystal glass rhinestones are used for these collars with newly created designs for fancy dog collars and fancy cat collars.  We also offer rhinestone cat or dog collar tags and dog collar charms.  Don't forget to check out our rhinestone name collars.
There is a lot of pride put into these collars and a lot of hard work to make them beautiful.  Our shippers  manufacture these collars themselves as well as putting the stones on them. They have a secret process that they have developed to hold the stones in their prong settings.  Occasionally, you might see an image on my site that looks one way and then when you receive the collar  it looks different than it did in the picture.  This only happens when there is a centerpiece that is added to the collar, and the manufacturer can not get the same centerpiece any longer. This does not happen very often, but it does happen occasionally.

You will love our handmade pet leashes.  Your pet will feel pampered and spoiled with our cute dog  collars and cat collars.
Your pet will be the talk of the town in one of these fancy collars!!
**PLEASE SEE SIZING KEY ABOVE FOR APPROPRIATE SIZING.  This is VERY IMPORTANT and see our Return Policies.                                
Due to the fact that these items are custom made for your pet and not stock items,  we do not refund.  We do not keep a stock of any kind, each item is made after it is ordered.

If there is to be an exchange it will need to be done within 14 days of receipt.  Collars must be in new condition in order to be eligible for exchange.  There is a 20% restocking fee for collars that are exchanged and you will, of course, have to pay to have it shipped back to you once it has been remade  And the lady that makes these collars says:  "If a customer returns a collar for a defect but changes the neck size at that time, there will be a full charge to remake the collar."  However, if we custom make a collar for you that is NOT on our site, we do not exchange or refund.   Of course, if we have made an error in making your collar to your specifications, we will remake it at no charge.  These collars are not meant for everyday use.  Of course, that is your choice, but if you use them for everyday use and then are not satisfied with the way that they stand up, please do not expect us to replace them for free or pay for your shipping to get them fixed.  Also, if there is an exchange to be made the product that you want to exchange must be exchanged for another product of equal of greater value to the original product.


BECAUSE OF US DEALING WITH SO MANY SUPPLIERS IF THERE IS AN EXCHANGE TO BE MADE AND IT IS ALLOWED IT WILL HAVE TO BE EXCHANGED FOR ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THE VERY SAME SUPPLIER.  IN ORDER TO FIGURE OUT WHETHER IT IS THE SAME SUPPLIER, OR NOT, LOOK AT THE SKU #.  EACH SKU # ENDS WITH A DASH AND THEN A LETTER (-D, -R, -M, -P, ETC.).  THE SKU # WILL HAVE TO END WITH THE SAME LETTER.  The way to explain this is by simply saying that if you buy something at Wal-Mart and you want to exchange it you have to take it back to Wal-Mart to exchange it.  You wouldn't be allowed to exchange it at K-Mart, or anywhere else.  This is the very same policy.  Our web site deals with so many suppliers and most web sites deal with only one supplier.  This is the reason for this rule.  Please try to understand and PLEASE -- DO NOT ASK ME TO EXCHANGE ONE PRODUCT THAT ENDS WITH ONE LETTER FOR A PRODUCT THAT ENDS WITH A DIFFERENT LETTER.  I cannot do this.  THERE  WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.  PLEASE DON'T ASK.


For 0 to 10 items Standard Shipping is $8.00 in the USA.  All items shipped in the U.S. are shipped via U.S. Mail with delivery confirmation.  We will ship to Canada and charge $33.00.  We will also ship to Australia for the same fees but it has to be paid for through PayPal   If you purchase 10 items or more you will have to contact me for the proper shipping charges.  You can contact me at  If my web site does not charge correctly for shipping to Canada you will need to email me at  and give me you credit card information so that I can manually charge your credit card for the correct shipping.  THERE IS NO FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA OR AUSTRALIA.
Your collar is actually made after our shipper receives your order.  It is custom made to your pet's neck size and will ship within 5 business days of the order.
Please note, 5 business days is 7 days when a weekend is included. Please add 3 to 5 days for the package to arrive at your home after it ships.
We  don't keep an inventory, each item is made when you order it.  We wish that we could get them done faster but these are custom, handcrafted collars and they take time to make.

These collars are not meant for everyday use.  Of course, that is your choice, but if you use them for everyday use and then are not satisfied with the way that they stand up, please do not expect us to replace them for free or pay for your shipping to get them fixed.

Velvet Color Chart

Velvet Color Chart

Beautiful custom rhinestone dog collars

Rhinestone Dog Collars

When you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury for your precious pooch, look no further than a rhinestone studded dog collar.  Bling dog collars have become all the rage in the past few years—they show off your impeccable taste in both your dog and the accessories you choose for your canine friend.  In keeping up with fashion it has become very popular to showcase your dog’s beauty with a collar that serves as more than just a tool to display a tag.  You want to look your best, and you want your pet to look its best too. What better way to accomplish that than with a gorgeous rhinestone collar!.

Did you know?

  • Historically, dog collars have been dressed up in a variety of luxury fabrics. Some dog collars of the Renaissance were made of leather and fringed with velvet, pearls, or other luxurious materials.
  •      The collars of some royal dogs even included jewels such as rubies and emeralds, or gold and other precious materials.
  •      Like many fashions in America, accessorizing canine companions became popular in Hollywood among celebrities and has now taken the country by storm.
  •    Rhinestone dog collars have been seen on numerous TV shows, in AKC and other prestigious competitions, and in international blockbuster movies.

Many dog owners purchase bling dog collars to set their dogs apart from the rest, however, many canine beauty pageants also encourage such accessorizing.  A rhinestone collar can enhance your dog’s personality, whether “sweet and sassy” or “bold and beautiful”. A rhinestone collar will add to your dog’s winning ability to bring joy to the lives of those around it.

Some Unexpected Benefits from Your Dog Collar

Like people, each dog is a unique individual. Rhinestone pet collars are sometimes perceived as just a status symbol to show off your dog, but they can be so much more. The quality materials that go into making a rhinestone collar can protect your pet’s neck from other dogs, cats, or other animals it may come into contact with.

Additionally, the reflective properties of a bling dog collar can make your pet easy to spot at night or during the day—the reflective properties of a rhinestone collar will sparkle in the daytime and reflect light at night, which could help save your dog’s life if it accidentally strays into the path of a car.

The Highest Quality Dog Collars

The team at brings you nothing less than the best in custom and personalized dog collars. Our bling dog collars are:

  •      Made of the highest quality materials to give you long lasting enjoyment
  •      Easy to put on and take off your dog
  •      Adjustable to allow for growth
  •      Always fitted with a D-ring so you can attach tags and a leash easily
  •      Infrequently sold by large commercial retailers, making them special and unique

We work hard closely with our suppliers to bring you the best options so you can find exactly the custom rhinestone collar you want for your pet. There’s nothing like knowing exactly what you want and being able to get it, and our goal is to get it to you. We go above and beyond to ensure that your dog is happy, comfortable, and beautiful in our rhinestone dog collars– no matter its breed, size, or appearance. 

Fellow Dog Lovers

Bling Dog Collars

Although we began only four short years ago providing the most beautiful and highest quality dog collars to consumers, we have loved dogs for far longer and understand how much they become part of a family. Our founder and CEO Ann Myers has two dogs of her own and has often been told that with her expertise she should write an advice column for other dog owners about dog behavior.

Ann’s business is a life-long passion, and she dreams about making the lives of all dog owners and their furry four-legged companions better. The entire staff at shares her passion for dogs and their owners, and our goal is to bring you the best products, the best customer service, and the greatest selection of accessories. We know that rhinestone dog collars are for those with the most selective, discerning taste, and we are excited to make it as easy as possible for every owner to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Save Up to 20% on All Rhinestone Collar Orders

Beautiful dogs and owners tend to attract fellow friends. This is why we offer discounts on all our custom bling dog collars – 10% for orders of less than six collars, and 20% on orders of six or more. This makes it easy for you to not only adorn your own dog with beautiful rhinestone collars, but also the canine companions of your friends and family.

Ask about our shipping package deals and optional shipping insurance. We want to make sure that you receive your collars in the best condition at the best price. We are sure our service coupled with our designer dog collars and leashes will outshine the competition!  

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