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Pink Bone Bling Pink Bone Bling

This collar is 1" wide and has nylon webbing with a sweet pink bone design. The heart charm and rhinestone buckle are included with this collar. Perfect for your girly-girl.

Our Price: $22.95

This collar is a big 1" wide and actually sparkles. This collar is a very fancy collar for every day use. It has a fabric sparkle ribbon sewn onto the nylon webbing and the sparkle will not rub off as it is sewn into the fabric. You also get the crystal rhinestone buckle & a crystal heart charm for free with this collar. Colors are as follows: Emerald Green, Light Purplish Pink, Aqua, Fuchsia, Apple Green, Red, Silver, Purple, and Royal Blue. This collar has dazzling colors!

Our Price: $24.95
Warm Zebra Sparkle Warm Zebra Sparkle

The nylon webbing that is used to make this collar has a zebra print on it and is 1" wide. It has shiny topaz, black and white rhinestones. Very unusual.

Our Price: $39.95
Aqua Splendor Aqua Splendor

This stand out AQUA VELVET collar is 1" wide. It has both white and aqua crystals set in sterling silver plated settings. The colors of this collar are beautiful. This is a very stunning collar!

Our Price: $43.95
Powder Blue Velvet Powder Blue Velvet

This stunning light blue velvet collar is 1" wide. It has baby blue crystals on the inside & white stones on the outer edges of the collar and are set in sterling silver plated settings. It would look gorgeous on any dog!

Our Price: $43.95
Christmas Magic Christmas Magic

This is 1" wide red Christmas collar. It has beautiful aurora borealis, rubies & emerald crystals. Your dog will have happy holidays with this collar!

Our Price: $43.95
Luscious Ruby Lips Luscious Ruby Lips

This unusual collar is a full 1" wide. It has an unusual white ribbon with red lips sewn onto the nylon webbing. It also has alternating rows of ruby and white Swarovski crystals. They are set in sterling silver plated settings. Included is the cute little lips/kiss charm. So Pretty!

Our Price: $43.95
Camo Green Camo Green

If you have a male dog & want a rhinestone collar for it this would be the perfect collar to suit your fancy. This collar has a nylon webbing with a camo design and is 1" wide. It has green, brown and black crystals.

Our Price: $43.95
Jungle Leopard Jungle Leopard

Do you like the animal print collars? If so, this 1" wide collar should be your choice. It is a leopard print collar with 3 rows of gorgeous topaz rhinestones.

Our Price: $43.95
See Breeze See Breeze

A very unusual looking collar! It is a full 1" wide collar with the stones alternating rows of aqua and emerald green. It is as beautiful as the ocean!

Our Price: $43.95
Yellow Jungle Leopard Yellow Jungle Leopard

This 1" wide collar has a yellow leopard print on the nylon webbing and shiny topaz and yellow rhinestones. Very unusual!

Our Price: $43.95
Pink & Aqua Pastel Velvet Pink & Aqua Pastel Velvet

Wow!! What a beautiful new velvet collar. This collar is 1" wide and has beautiful pink and aqua colored stones in it. It has plush aqua colored velvet sewn on top of the nylon webbing. This collar is a knock out! You can make this your dog's special collar -- a one of a kind collar by changing the color or width.

Our Price: $43.95
Diamond Brilliance Diamond Brilliance

This black collar has six rows of diamond crystal rhinestones. It is 1" wide. It is not recommended for a small dog or a cat. If you want a lot of bling this collar has it.

Our Price: $43.95
Pretty Pink Zebra Pretty Pink Zebra

This is a BIG 1" wide collar! It has five rows of pink Swarovski crystals which are set in sterling silver plated settings. The cute zebra print is baby pink and hot pink. It is so Pretty!

Our Price: $43.95
Purple Clouds Purple Clouds

This purple collar is 1" wide. It has both light blue & purple stones. PLEASE NOTE: Your collar will have a silvertone buckle & leash hook. A very unique dog collar!

Our Price: $43.95
Royal Rubies Royal Rubies

This red dog collar is a big 1" wide. It has 7 alternating rows of rubies and diamond rhinestones. This is a beautiful collar.

Our Price: $43.95
Topaz Splendor Topaz Splendor

This gorgeous chocolate brown velvet collar is 1" wide! It has both topaz & smokey topaz crystals which are set in gold colored settings. This collar really sparkles!

Our Price: $43.95
Movie Star Sparkle Movie Star Sparkle

Bling -- Bling -- Bling!!!!! This collar can be made any color you want. It is shown in red nylon and velvet with clear stones. It is a big 1" wide. There are 3 big Swarovski crystal stars in the center. This collar is not recommended for a neck smaller than 9-1/2" because of the bulkiness and weight.

Our Price: $47.95
Summer Zebra Summer Zebra

Let your precious pooch take a walk on the wild side with this collar which is 1" wide. It has alternating rows of white, topaz and peridot crystals. This is a very interesting collar.

Our Price: $47.95
Diamond Sparkle Diamond Sparkle

WOW!!! This collar is the best selling collar that we have on our whole web site. The white Swarovski crystal stones are set very closely together in sterling silver plated settings on this sparkling collar. It has plush black velvet attached to the 1" wide nylon webbing. This collar looks like an expensive piece of jewelry that a woman would wear to a formal party. A Fabulous Collar!

Our Price: $47.95
Sapphire  Sparkle Sapphire Sparkle

This is a big 1" wide collar made just for your doggie. It has beautiful sapphire and light sapphire aurora stones. This collar is quite a sparkler!

Our Price: $47.95