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Simply The Best

Simply The Best

Simply the Best Designer Collars for Your Dog

Dog owners around the world love to pamper their pooches. High-quality dog collars don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but you can't find them just anywhere. At Four Paws Dog Collars, we bring you the greatest value and the largest selection of online designer dog collars and custom accessories.
We offer a wide selection, competitive pricing, a simple ordering process, and superior customer service. We choose unique dog collars, and you can personalize many of our dog collars to suit your pet. We work with excellent suppliers that can deliver exactly what you're looking for.
Check out our no-bark humane dog collars, studded dog collars, personalized nylon or leather dog collars and leashes, and then look at our personalized, adjustable, break-away safety collars for cats!Check out our no-bark humane dog collars, studded dog collars, personalized nylon or leather dog collars and leashes, and then look at our personalized, adjustable, break-away safety collars for cats!

Superior Selection of Designer Dog Collars

There's no end to what you would do for your dog, and we make it easy for you to showcase your canine pride and joy to your friends and family while you're out and about. Your dog doesn't need the title of Best in Show to be a champion, nor do you have to be a millionaire to pamper your canine friend. Our selection of fancy dog collars includes:

  • Handcrafted detail and custom design
  • High-quality leather, cotton, vinyl, nylon, and other materials
  • D-rings on every collar to ensure easy tag display and leash attachment
  • A range of sizes, colors, and styles to fit your dog's personality

Our designer dog collars and personalized leather collars are specially made to ensure the happiness of both you and your dog. Leather name engraving and other personal touches will surely attract attention, and there’s nothing like showing your beloved pet off to others.

Our Focus is on Service

We pride ourselves on excellent service. It’s rare in this day and age to call a business and have a live person answer the phone. At Four Paws Dogs Collars, we believe that every customer has the right to have their questions answered in a timely fashion and to receive exactly the product they are looking for. Whether you’re ready to purchase a dog leash or leather dog collar, or if you are just shopping around, we are ready to answer your questions. Our customer service staff is available both by phone and email.

Excellent Suppliers

Our suppliers of custom-made rhinestone dog collars and other fancy dog collars have some of the best reputations in the industry, and we are proud to say that not only are they our business partners, but that we have also developed friendships with them over time. In the years since the founding of Four Paws Dog Collars, we have developed relationships with some of the leading suppliers of custom and personalized dog collars and are happy to pass on the benefits of these relationships to our customers.

We strive to offer the best custom and designer dog collars and other products and customer service, and we believe that this sets us apart from the competition. We are focused on bringing the best products to our customers, and we strive to make that apparent in everything we do.

We Are Fellow Dog Lovers

Our founder and CEO, Ann Myers, has been employed at an attorney’s office in Oklahoma for nearly 21 years. Her husband is a retired military member and civil service worker. Together they have three children, six grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. Ann and her husband own one Cocker Spaniel and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and have many other dogs in their extended family as well. Dogs are truly a special part of the Myers’ lives, and Ann knows how much they are a part of yours too.

The staff at Four Paws Dog Collars values the importance of our canine friends, knowing how much they can enrich people's lives. We take pride in knowing that we bring our customers the best designer dog collars, high-quality harnesses, and designer products such as our rhinestone dog collars, which bring so much pleasure to humans and canines alike.

Pricing & Shipping Details

We work tirelessly to carry the best collection of fancy designer dog collars the Internet has to offer. We can price-match our competitors (most of the time), and we offer the best customer service to boot. In addition, our staff will:

  • Go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your satisfaction
  • Offer shipping insurance for select suppliers
  • Ensure competitive shipping prices that can sometimes be negotiated
  • Offer a 10% discount on all custom-made rhinestone designer dog collars
  • Offer a 20% discount on all orders of six or more custom-made rhinestone collars

Our Bargain Products section features dog collars that are discounted up to 20% off the original retail price. The selection includes beautiful, personalized leather dog collars and leashes that you can't find anywhere else.

Call our toll-free number if you have any questions. Our phone representatives are glad to spend as much time as necessary to make sure that you get the designer dog collar you want at the best price possible. Whether you're looking for luxurious dog collars, something unique, or something simple, we have exactly what you need.

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